Watershed Clean-Up

Working together to Improve the Chesapeake Bay

While some may think that enough organizations already exist to help improve our environment, this is a case where the more groups and people involved, the better. The environment and the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries are very important issues, life sustaining issues and while one person alone can begin to make a small impact, the need for people to come together, communicate, share and collaborate on ideas and projects is necessary to make significant social change. MWF is up to the challenge of working with existing organizations and helping new groups form so we make a more positive impact.

Maryland is one of six states that make up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed which spans more than 64,000 square miles. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in North America and a resource for recreation, education, and economic benefits for people of all walks of life. Its resources belong to no one person but shared by all. It is our duty as citizens to improve and protect the health and resources that abound our Chesapeake Bay.

MWF organizes volunteer stream cleanups, tree plantings, storm drain markings, rain barrels and works with the Baltimore County Police Marine Unit to retrieve and destroy abandoned boats. We are developing non-formal educational programs to create much needed behavioral change. There are many changes we all need to make to improve our environment and so many thoughts and ideas to learn together and share to enhance our waterways. We value working with our youth, offering service-learning hours, a summer internship program for college environmental students, and our Chartered Venturing Crew 726 to gain hands on experience and lead the charge.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, participating in cleanups, notifying of areas needing cleanups and working together to share your knowledge and experience. MWF can offer service-learning hours and has volunteer opportunities for all, regardless of age, disabilities, or race.

The future of our environment and quite frankly our planet is an urgent issue, a life or death issue. While it is so important that we each individually implement changes in our lifestyles which will in turn make a small impact on the environment, we need to come together to make the significant changes necessary to ensure a safe future for our children. Come volunteer with us.